Thursday 14 January 2016

John and Claudine's Wedding Quilt

I haven't posted any sort of craft on here in ages.  This is actually strange because it's not like I haven't made a TON of quilts.  This past year alone I made 8 baby quilts.  I just whipped them up one at a time during naptime, and somehow didn't bother to take a single picture of any of them.  They exist, I swear.

During this baby quilting extravaganza, I realized that I detest working with minky fabric.  You know, the super snuggly baby fabric that feels like soft, warm, fur?  Maybe that's why I didn't post any pictures of them.  Maybe it was because during every single naptime that I constructed one, I was filled with blinding rage because it is so horrible to work with.

Anyways, I recently re-discovered my love of quilting with plain old cotton when I had a clear direction of what I wanted to make.  I'm done with baby quilts for awhile, and I needed a new idea.  My husband suggested that I make a quilt for a couple we know that are getting married this February.  They are having a destination wedding and requested no gifts.  Pfffft.  No gifts?  Really? Well, they are actually serious, but I just couldn't bear to not give anything.  So voila!  A handmade gift.  They'd be jerks if they didn't accept it. They could have refused to cash a cheque, but a handmade quilt?  No.  That would have made them horrible people.  I gave it to them this past weekend, and they graciously accepted it.  Take that, NO GIFTS.

This quilt was amazing and SO EASY.  I'm a self-taught, very, very beginner quilter, so I was thrilled with the results.  I didn't do any detailed stitching as seen in my inspiration project, but I was thrilled nonetheless.

Please, please check out this blog to see where I got the idea for this beauty.   I used her instructions, the tutorial that she linked to, but switched up the fabric and didn't complete the beautiful finishing stitching that she did.  I'll give that a whirl when I'm making something for myself.  I have so much to learn still....

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  1. Dearest Shannon,
    I cannot believe I have not seen this post until now. As the recipient of this extremely well-crafted, beautiful quilt, I have to say that receiving this as our wedding gift (even though you went against our wishes) was our favourite gift. it is on display in the living room and I cozy up with it regularly and gets tons of compliments on it. It matches perfectly. Thank you for taking the time to make such a heartfelt gift for us.
    And you are correct, we would have been horrible jerks to not accept.
    Keep on blogging and blowing us away with your talent!